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BT Water Treatment
March 20, 2024
Industrial RO Plant

BT Water Treatment is one of the leading Industrial RO Plant Manufacturer and supplier in India, serving a number of customers.

RO water plant is an advanced water treatment plant that effectively removes impurities, organic matter and harmful chemicals from raw water and yields fresh and purified water, suitable for various industrial purposes.


RO Plant Manufacturer


Principle of reverse osmosis system :-

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the process, in which water is pressurized through a semi –permeable membrane. As a result of this, as shown in the below depicted schematic diagram, water will pass through the membrane surface while the dissolved and particulate materials are left behind. When the pressure is applied to the concentrated solution, water is forced through the membrane from the concentrated side to the dilute side. This process is known as“ Reverse Osmosis.”

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