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BT Water Treatment
March 23, 2024
Electrolytic Sewage Treatment Plant

BT Water Treatment Pvt. Ltd. is Leading STP Manufacturer & Supplier.

We provides Electrolytic sewage treatment plants. Electrochemical techniques are among the most widely used current applications in environmental protection and waste treatment.

STP Manufacturer


Electrolysis is a technique involving the passage of electricity through the effluent. The electric current oxidizes and destabilizes dissolved and colloidal particles and alters the charge on suspended matter permitting destruction and removal of contaminants and achieves purification of water.

The system is compact, noiseless in operation easily controllable modular in design & environment friendly.

BT Water Treatment is Best STP Manufacturer and we provide new installation of STP Maintenance. For more details please Contact us: 9824018522 or email us at