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February 26, 2024
Effluent Treatment Plant

We are the leading Effluent treatment plant – ETP Manufacturer in Dahej. Effluent treatment plant is a wastewater treatment process used to treat wastewater. Effluent treatment plants play an important role in the treatment of industrial wastewater.

ETP Manufacturer in Dahej

We design, manufacture, supply, erect and commission Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) on a turnkey basis for various types and natures of wastewater, combining advanced physico-chemical treatment processes with tertiary polishing systems to remove organic, inorganic, oil and grease.

Almost all industries generate waste water from industries that needs serious action So, improper discharge of waste water can pollute local Environment. In many manufacturing Industries, by-product can be treated as waste water called “Effluent” should be treated before it release into the environment.

Industrial ETP supplier in Dahej is an effective process to treat wastewater that is highly contaminated by industrial waste, making it suitable for reuse or disposal/disposal in the natural environment.

Effluent is an outflow of water or gas from a natural body of water, or from a human made structure. Effluent, in engineering, is the stream exiting a chemical reactor.

An industrial effluent treatment plant is an essential component of any industrial facility that is committed to environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance. By investing in efficient and effective treatment plants, industries can not only protect the environment but also enhance their reputation as responsible corporate citizens.

We provide new installation of Effluent Treatment Plant in Dahej (ETP) and ETP Maintenance in Dahej. For more details of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) Service and Maintenance in Dahej please Contact us: 9824018522 or email us at