Electrolytic Sewage Treatment Plant

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January 24, 2024
Electrolytic Sewage Treatment Plant


Compact Electrolytic Sewage Treatment Plant in Gandhidham Waste Water Technology is an evolving and emerging field in the Water Treatment Solutions in Gandhidham. It is unconventional non biological & chemical free technology.

Electrochemical techniques are one of the most widely used current applications in environmental protection and Water Treatment Solutions in Gandhidham.

Electrolysis is a technique involving the passage of electricity through the effluent. The electrical current destabilizes dissolved colloidal particles and alters the charge on suspended particles permitting purification of water.

Compact Electrolytic Sewage Treatment Plant in Gandhidham is Does not generate greenhouse gases, not deplete atmospheric oxygen, Non chemical, non-biological process, No need to maintain biomass. For more details please Contact us: 9824018522 or email us at info@btwatertreatment.com.