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BT Water Treatment
May 17, 2024
Electrolytic Sewage Treatment Plant

As a leading Electrolytic STP Supplier, manufacturer, and exporter of electrolytic sewage treatment plants, we are committed to providing innovative and eco-friendly solutions for wastewater management.

Our electrolytic sewage treatment plants are the ultimate solution for wastewater purification. They deliver exceptional results, minimize environmental impact, and provide significant cost savings.

We are committed to partnering with our clients to provide customized solutions and Electrolytic STP Service that meet their specific wastewater treatment needs.


Improved Water Quality:- Our plants contribute to cleaner waterways and protect aquatic ecosystems by removing harmful pollutants from wastewater.

Cost-Effectiveness:- The low energy consumption, reduced sludge production, and automated operation result in significant cost savings over the long term.

Environmental Sustainability:- Electrolytic oxidation is a green technology that minimizes chemical usage and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Compliance with Regulations:- Our plants meet or exceed industry standards and regulations, ensuring compliance with environmental protection laws.


Electrolysis is a technique involving the passage of electricity through the effluent. The electrical current destabilizes dissolved colloidal particles and alters the charge on suspended particles permitting purification of water.

We provide new installation of Best Sewage Treatment plants (STP) and STP Maintenance. For more details please Contact us: 9824018522 or email us at info@btwatertreatment.com.