STP in Gandhidham

Maintaining STP in Gandhidham using Electrolytic Technologies

BT Water Treatment
February 27, 2024
Electrolytic Sewage Treatment Plant

BT Water Treatment Pvt Ltd has emerged as an expert in setting up and maintaining sewage treatment plants – STP in Gandhidham using electrolytic technologies. Electrolytic The passage of an electric current through water has proven to be very effective in removing contaminants from water by volatilizing and electro-coagulating organic and inorganic solids suspended in sewage sludge.

Electrolysis process

Electrolysis is a technique in which electricity is passed through a current. The electric current destabilizes the dissolved colloidal particles and changes the charge on the suspended particles allowing water purification.

STP Manufacturer

The electrolytic sewage treatment process is unique…

non-biological systems,
chemical free,
No need for sludge management,
less space,
Barest Civil Construction,
No carbon dioxide (CO2)2 emissions.

Importance of Electrolytic Wastewater Treatment:

Statutory compliance requirements, economic factors, disposal problems, self-regulatory bodies, environmental policies of organizations, etc. have given importance to this sector for a long time.

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